Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Athletics Department

The Athletics Department sets its sights at the national level rather than the conference level.

The Department likes to look for creative solutions to problems

Would like to see the Waterfront development include an events center/sports complex

Athletics as a group cares deeply about their student athletes, teams, co-workers and the university as a whole.

Have an 8% higher graduation rate that the national level.

Program is at a crossroads.  Feel that the university needs to embrace the programs more and that it needs to have a greater presence in the community and on campus.

Athletics provides an opportunity to bring the student body together and can provide a connection point for students.

Biggest window into the campus for our community, alumni, donors and friends.

A firm foundation for athletics must be built for Athletics even during tough economic times.

Athletics must be used in ways that haven’t been used in the past.  Must become an integral role in the over all mission of the university.

Agree with the goal of becoming the best comprehensive university in the nation.  Must think bigger in order to achieve the goal and athletics can play a major role in taking the university to the next level.  

Use athletics in ways that haven’t been used in the past.

Morale is an issue because of budget cuts year after year.  There is no longer anywhere that can be cut.  Only 4 of 16 programs are fully funded.  The majority of the programs don’t have full time assistant coaches.

Lots of needs for program support but no money to provide the necessary support.

Travel expense per diem is very low for athletes on the road.  Usually have to house athletes 3-4 to a room and purchase food at the grocery store to feed athletes within that amount.

Athletics needs a lot of program support but does not have the money to provide the necessary support.  We can’t maintain our success in the future without creative solutions to our budget restrictions. 

Facilities are a major issue.  Only 4 of our 16 programs compete on campus.  Using off campus facilities provide challenges.   Difficult to get field time at community fields.  The soccer team practices at Whatcom Community College between 9pm – 11pm and High School teams get priority at Civic Field. 

Convert Carver field to field turf for soccer

Challenging to recruit because of facilities.  Important that our facilities mirror the rest of campus.  Carver Gym is not accessible.  Look to the waterfront or south campus for space for a new facility.  The Carver Gym remodel/replacement decision is a 100 year decision. 

Carver needs remodeled but even after a remodel it won’t be an ideal place for future use.  The long term vision should include an arena built at the waterfront with Carver used as a practice/training facility.

Lack of room in the training room.  Treatments are often done in the hallway.  This affects the personal privacy needs of student athletes and also affects recruitment opportunities.

The $100 Athletics fee paid by each student athlete does not go to the training room.

We have made a lot of strides over the years but need to continue to move forward to be as success as we want to be. 

Would like to see a clarification on budget prioritization. 

Priority registration for student athletes and other student with significant commitments is important.

Examine the relationship with Athletics and Campus Recreation. 

The system of charge backs needs to be looked at university wide.  Must pay for classroom use in the summer and athletics is also charged for using the Recreation Center. 

There is a perception of distance between Western and the community.  Access to the university is important.

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