Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

BFA Management Group

The university has systematically underfunded support functions.  It would be useful to review the budget process and how decisions are made.

Transparency of decisions will be important – there is a lot of fear about the various pressures on the university which is leading to posturing and positioning behaviors.

There is a hope that decision-making will be more decisive.  Too often the university appears to default to “no decision” because the process is not clear and not deliberate.

Service units try to provide service at a high level, but budget shortfalls mean that it is difficult to meet expectations.

The university is undercapitalized given the needs for renovations access and infrastructure.

In assessing enterprise risk, we need to better tie decisions to the mission, and separate decision-making processes from personality and the loudness of voices. 

All the process around decision-making should be targeted to bringing people closer together, since clearly all voices can’t be reflected in a given decision.

Recharging from one department to another takes a tremendous amount of resources (time and money). 

Entrepreneurial impulses are difficult to carry out, especially given the regulatory environment and perceptions of internal constraints.

Staff without experience outside of the institution are not as aware of best practices in higher education.

Broad communication of university messages is important.

Everyone should be able to recognize and use the institutional mission.

Given the time lag in our data reporting systems, we lose valuable information about budgets from June to October.

We need to improve the climate for management and labor so that we can get more work done.

Events like the annual Staff Arts and Crafts Fair bring people across campus together for common goals. 


Page Updated 11.27.2013