Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

BFA Old Main Staff

Loans and Collections and Student Accounts staff have lots of contact with students.   We encounter some silos and try to bridge the gap with communication among users.

We’re implementing a new cashiering system with EBill and EPay for students.  We’re also working toward a new ECommerce system which has potential for revenue generation.   Perhaps investment in such a system should be at the central level since it will be useful across campus.

We need to work with credit unions and banks to take on students who can’t get a bank account for electronic payments.

Signage is not adequate on campus.

The entire campus should be made familiar with the Governor’s directives on energy savings and what we are doing or should be doing, as individuals, as departments, and as an institution.

As someone who came recently from the private sector, I’ve noticed that the university seems less adaptable to change.

We are curious about how budgeting is done and about new directions.

Space management and the capital budget planning need to be integrated more with the operating budget to avoid surprises when new positions are added through the operating budget.

Students would benefit from a one stop shop for student services, and it would be useful for staff so that they could more easily follow problems through to solutions with colleagues in different departments.

 I am concerned with middle America students who don’t have “need” in accord with the federal guidelines but whose parents have competing financial obligations.  WWU needs to strike a balance with need-based and merit-based aid and scholarships.

Departments don’t understand all the financial services BFA can provide.   We need to have training and orientation for employees across the campus.

Decision makers need to converse more with the people who have parts of the implementation.   This requires broad consideration of the impact of decisions throughout the university.  (eg: student accounts is involved in charging the fees that get changed when a program is brought on budget.)

The community has trouble coming on campus to buy tickets.  We need some convenient temporary parking.      


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