Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce


At Nakama this summer, we were handed a copy of the mission statement and given 15 minutes to read it.  Then we were given opportunity to comment on it and figure out where we fit in.  It is too long and complicated. 

Would like to see bookstore improve to make things cheaper and better for students, eg: parking and access; more used books (40%); better air quality.

We have an issue with the College Store; people don’t understand that it isn’t WWU.

Hard to have book rental program – requires formal adoption of books, commitment to continue to use them, etc.

Students are trying to generate student rental system on Facebook.  Can sometimes buy books cheaper online, but buying at the bookstore sends money back to students through the AS.

Often work on Saturdays with students and enjoy that.  Student employees are great for promoting WWU to parents and students who come in.

Lots of interest in centralized events calendar.  Appreciate it is difficult to maintain.   We’re associated with Western Reads and Whatcom Reads (external event)

Would like to see emphasis on getting on-time orders from faculty.  Hurts store and students when they’re not ready in time for the quarter.

Is there likely to be an improvement in parking?   There is no parking for the bookstore.   A recent bike lane took out more street parking on High Street. 

If there were an improvement in WTA routes, more people would use buses.   Eg: From Mt. Baker highway – takes 2 hours to commute.

We have tried a satellite facility in the parking lot during rush time, but that is costly. 

It would be good to relocate the bookstore to south campus where there is parking. 

Found on UW-Green Bay web site a memo that the student government would help stimulate timely faculty orders of textbooks.  How did that work?

The Bookstore provides students a discount on texts rather than gain more profit for the bookstore. 

It would be nice to give student employees in the bookstore a discount in the bookstore.

Provision of discount to staff and faculty is to get more people to come into the store.

As a state employee and taxpayer, I appreciate that you are communicating with the campus and being inclusive and concerned with how it impacts us. 

I noticed that Governor’s budget included a figure for FTE reduction.   What does that mean for us?    There is a lot of fear and trepidation.  Look at the contract language for temporary layoffs. 



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