Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

CHSS Dean's Office

The budget is everyone’s concern right now.  The college wants to make clear that it has a role central to the university’s liberal arts core.  We want to be sure that we can foster and strengthen that backbone.   Everyone is committed to that core. 

We have worked to make sure identity of college is both Humanities and Social Science, but together they are the core of the university.  

External image is key – but internal as well.  The departments understand and are committed to the mission – there is a sense of a lack of appreciation.    There are individuals who don’t see that the image is of the college as a whole, rather than of isolated individuals. 

External image building and branding also builds internal image.

The College still teaches half the campus credits.  

The college has breadth and depth that are dedicated to problems that society is facing.   State, regional and local needs are well met by a very connected college.

We have a lot of departments that serve health and have talked about a new unit that brings health professions on to campus.   Hope that you will consider that. 

As we talk about budget reduction, we realize we also need to produce revenue.   The college is in a good place to help. 

We work closely with our department managers – as we look at budget challenges, it is important to advocate for our department managers who do so much. 



Page Updated 11.27.2013