Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Communication Sciences and Disorders

We have a wonderful audiology clinic.  It provides a broad experience for students.  The community knows us better than the university.

New facilities in the AIC will be great.  Better clinic and research space.

Safety on campus is a concern.  At 10 minutes before the hour, there are lots of bikes and skateboards – rules not enforced.  Also many broken bricks – a walking hazard.

Have found ATUS and library staff to be very collaborative and cooperative on a video project.

Statewide committees are addressing the shortage of audiologists.  We are not graduating enough given increased demand with aging boomers.

Audiology graduates are in very high demand as “preferred graduates.”

The department has a decision package to expand the speech-language pathology academic and clinical programs.

What are the plans for the biennial budget decision packages?  We are happy to help advocate for ours.

Constantly look to community outreach to help educate clients about their health.  Includes liaison with the schools.

We receive phone calls from doctors who want their patients to have access to our clinicians.

Students comment that the campus doesn’t really know much about the programs.  Student clubs and national associations related to the programs help with programming.

The graduate program is strong and its philosophy which embraces emotional intelligence is attractive.

The program prepares students well for their careers and graduate school.

Our undergraduates are outstanding.  Two types of auctions run by our students have generated support for the clinic.

We have 120 applications for 20 spots for grad students.  This year’s crop is musically talented.

It is important to stress the quality of our grad programs in addition to our undergraduate programs.   While we prepare professionals, we also value the liberal arts core.

The number of TAs has remained the same for 20 years and should be increased.   Students get half time or quarter time assignments. 

We have had a graduate program in audiology, but the profession is migrating to requiring a PhD.  We should work toward legislative support for a clinical doctorate.

We are proud of offering service at all points on the economic spectrum.  The clinic can offer reduced rates to community members, which is helpful in economic downturn. 

We would like to be even more engaged in interdisciplinary efforts, eg: freshman year seminars.

Recruitment of new faculty and staff as others retire is critically important and difficult.



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