Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

CST Dean's Office and Tech Support

Budget:  Important for CST to maintain the momentum that has been gained for programs that have had a good start.  Don’t want to loose ground.

Need to maintain the excellence that has been created over a period of time.

Equipment needs are great.  Must have the ability to spend money on needed equipment using allocated resources.  Important to keep priorities in mind, spending strategically and saving in other areas.

With regards to the budget reduction – we need the flexibility to decide on what is important for the college to spend money on.  With the current equipment freeze, we can’t spend the money we have set aside on needed equipment.

Need for a clear and visible budget process. Spending must be strategic.  Need to know how much we have available to spend.  College needs to offer contracts in July for limited term faculty but often do not know budget until October.

Faculty recruitment processes have improved over the past year.  EASE has proved to be difficult to work with but changes have been made to improve the system.

Curriculum must be kept up to date with a process of strategic allocation of resources that includes not only financial resources but time and effort as well.  Planning processes are often difficult and cumbersome.

Regarding centralized or de-centralized system for IT, CST has needs that may be difficult to meet in a centralized system.  Has many unique software needs, not one size fits all.

Computer labs don’t have a funding source except for Student Tech Fee.  Have to ask for money to replace computer every year. A regular, systematic approach for computers is important.

Important for everyone on campus to be not only colloquial but also congenial.  Don’t make it difficult for people to get their job done in an efficient way by being obstreperous.  Treat people nicely.

Be willing take risks and be willing to change a winning game.  Look at new and better ways to do things we might already be good at.  Be innovative.

As a university, we need to look at the possibilities of “yes we can” rather than “no, we’ve never done it that way”. 

With regards to the Provost search, it is important to find a provost who will work with the Deans as a team and will let the Deans be Deans.

Improve communication campus wide.  We must have a clear understanding of what is going on in other areas.

Page Updated 11.27.2013