Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Communications Department

One of the strengths of our graduates is that we encourage broad education.

Service Learning is something that we incorporate into our classrooms, also useful for students who learn about civic responsibility and have something to put on resume. 

We are, as a department, very dedicated to service learning.  Our privileged students really benefit from experiences different from their lives.  Not clear that the university sees the full benefit – and we could use more support as faculty. 

There isn’t such a  separation of town and gown here.  Service learning helps with that.  Our low tech dept actually uses high   Communications degree viewed by one student as a longboard that gets him from A to B smoothly in everything he does.

Our department is a leadership department – looking at the leadership advantage program, we meet nearly every objective.

For 6-7 years, we have participated in organizing community/campus Lets Talk meetings – focused on living dynamics w York, Sehome Neighborhoods.  Meetings are well attended by students, police and community members.

Will we continue to grow even with budget cut?  We’re limited in number of majors we can take.  Who will determine whether we grow?  Student demand or Olympia-defined  state needs.   Need more faculty resources to allow student to take advantage of what we offer.

Our students submit a portfolio for admission to major.   Usually accept 85-90%.    Sometimes as few as 60%. 

Department is the 2nd best on campus for getting people through major in a timely way.   


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