Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Computer Science

Big challenge for the department is planning next course schedule.  How much can we afford to teach?  What will we face?

We have a problem recruiting students, though demand for grads is huge.  We have developed programs to encourage interest early and particularly among girls. 

The department involves a student to help recruit in the schools.

WWU hasn’t done as much as we could in graduate education. 

It would be a very bad time to cut programs – at a time when demand for technological competence is increasing.

What are the likely effects of the recession on the mission of the university? We seem to be heading into a long slow decline.  We need to figure out how to respond to that as a university. 

What is the status of the Provost’s search?  (Campus interviews should be held before Thanksgiving.)

There’s a perception that administration keeps growing.

Is the waterfront development still in the works?

Will UW branches affect our enrollment?  

Why are faculty ticketed on Saturdays? (Parked in lot next to office instead of usual lot to move equipment and was ticketed.)

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