Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Dance Department

As a new program, we have been lucky to get 3 consecutive grants to set a master work, bringing in outside talent.  The funders like to re-fund successful operations. 

We have three new freshmen coming from out of state who are very high quality and ready to declare a major.

We’re the only BFA in public school.

We have started more of a relationship with alumni – funding ways to include them.  

One of our plans is to offer a dance class for anyone who is interested.

Biggest concern is that as a program we are atypical – very dependent on adjunct faculty. 

We got word this morning that our studio downtown had a pipe break.

As we schedule classes in May for fall, will we know how many of us will even be working in the fall? 

I don’t think people understand yet what an impact this budget will have on them and on the state.

Scenario described doesn’t seem to be hypothetical.   Lots of courses are taught by adjunct faculty – not just around the edges.

I have been involved in the TLA and students have been very involved in the process.  They are concerned and helping to look for creative solutions.

How might pay cuts figure in?

Is there a chance that the choices will be given to departments or programs? 

We are in the middle of a dialogue about interfacing with the community more so that we can be a resource for them and a part of them.  Cabaret is twice a month, performances down on Holly Street -- is very popular.  Students run the productions.  Classes interact with them.  The performances are off campus so they open a door to the university.   Trying to use outside contacts to interface with professionals.  Also considering taking faculty/students on a bus performance tour around the state. 

When I was in Seattle, we heard about the Bellingham program. 

For performing arts to make more community contact is important for the dance program and for students.  Yields more support. 

Obama is very aware of the arts and is setting a different tone.


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