Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Extended Education and Summer Programs

Since EESP is self sustaining, we’re concerned with budget and how much WWU will be able to help support EESP.

We are interested in your experience with extended education.

The EESP leadership team is very good, a solid group with lots of years of experience.   EESP staff are creative, get it done people.

EESP students cant say enough about how helpful we are. 

How much can we explore new ideas, like CLEP exam and others that can bring in revenue? 

For last 5 or more years, management/union relationship has not always been good.  Joint Labor Management meetings help.  The staff union is a force in Olympia and could be helpful for things like improving the regulatory climate.

Thank you for helping us expand university’s horizons.  Can you expand on your ideas for leading the pack?

We understand the cultural shift required to move into academic outreach.  What can we do to help with the shift? 

Campus has evolved into culture with interdepartmental charges for mutual service.   How might new budget models address the fund shifting?

We share resources and faculty with other institutions.  Many innovative things going on like Environ program on Peninsula w CC.  Is this how we should be working?

We want to offer more youth programs.  We’re very curious about Phuture Phoenix.

Many kids we haven’t traditionally served can’t afford the programs.  

Just read about the Port slowing on the waterfront project.  How will that affect our plans?

We deal with seniors.  Non-institutional as such, though we get lots of support.  We would be interested in being more tied in.

People with AA degree often want to work and go to WWU, but can’t figure out how. We need more evening and weekend offerings.

Kids are coming to us with experience with lots of online learning and are surprised we don’t have much.  


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