Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Educational Leadership

Three of our four programs are focused on graduate ed.   Interested in your views of the role of graduate programs. 

Woodring has 50% of the university’s grad students.

The deeper questions of traditions and how we should do things differently is important. 

At one time we offered a joint PhD degree with WSU in Ed Admin.  It was actually granted by WSU but half of coursework was at WWU.

There is a market for a PhD for potential superintendents. 

Woodring made a recommendation for a PhD a few years ago.   There was no reception at the time because WWU doesn’t have doctoral mission.  But we miss opportunities if we don’t take advantage of pockets of need. 

The options for area educational leaders to advance takes them to Seattle, Vancouver or Spokane. 

We get a lot of calls from corporations for the leaders we train, as well as from schools. 

Another exciting area for potential growth is preparing community college instructors.  We sense among university colleagues that training students for serving as masters level community college instructors is not something to aspire to.   Very traditional model. 

We probably need to contemplate guidance for international students who are seeking our programs.   They lend an interesting flavor to classroom – some potential for distance ed too.  We had a group here from Indonesia a number of years ago, and had an association with Canada for a while as well. 

It seems that we always make distance ed a separate creature from normal delivery.   Many of our students do both at the same time. 

I believe Michigan is requiring every student to take a distance course before they graduate – since it will likely be a mode on instruction for continuing lifelong ed. 

Our students are telling us that that to be marketable they need to have experience with technologies and assessment. 

We get lots of inquiries about various modes of delivery – weekend programs, on-site delivery, e.g.: for teachers who might become leaders in their areas, etc. 

Sustainability and support:   amazing stuff has been done in the past and in pockets.  We need to support creativity with some guarantee of support over long haul so that the programs will be sustainable.

We think and rethink about how to keep creativity of this group moving along. 

Our attention to the diversity (e.g. age, ethnicity, vocation) of our student population has had positive results, sometimes overwhelming.  


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