Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Elementary Education

Our new masters program has 15 students in first cohort.  4 of our students took national boards, which are very difficult, and all passed.

We’re the only birth – 3rd grade program that is certified.  The partnerships for this program go beyond public schools and makes our roles unique.  

We are one of four institutions getting state grants to pilot innovative teaching.  Picked because of faculty work to transform elem ed program to introduce internship and all of the 7 aspects required. for excellent program.   Still a work in progress.  

Trish Gilman, chair of TESOL, TESOL was self-sustaining for many years and is in transition.  There’s a huge need for the program.   When there is such a need for programs, how can we build capacity – need more faculty.

Just finished $12M grant for math and science education.   Grant proposals need to be written – need front end investment in writing the proposals. 

Our center for equity and diversity is unique.  Developed in late 80’s stemming from teachers and students who felt need to learn more about teaching in marginalized communities.   Lorraine Kaspersin….  Brings in speakers.   Started Journal.  Elementary Ed faculty are very connected to the center.  There aren’t many centers like this at the College level. 

Because we are accredited, we get benefit from that.
Our Multi cultural faculty fellows program is useful. 17 faculty started in fall to discuss what multi cultural education means to them.   Beginning to look at course that will be taught to review multicultural content within courses.  

One of the things about Woodring is that we don’t stay in the Ivory Tower.  We teach in schools, in diverse schools.  This makes our travel budget high, but is critical to get quality of future teachers that we do. 

Exploring other ways to conference with people.  Will do a skype conference this afternoon with an intern in Everett.  

The early childhood program is designed for student who comes to campus.  But need for professional development in birth-5 is mostly for professionals, non-traditional.   Our delivery model of residential instruction doesn’t fit all.  Need is clearly there, but barriers in the system don’t allow us to move quickly:  Budget; admission requirements, resources needed to innovate.  Some of creativity can emerge over time as we get more sophisticated.  Head Start requires 50% of teachers to be certified.

Need to attend to all the issues that would enable us to extend our reach (registration, aid, parking, etc)  Parking seems like it should be easy, especially after hours, yet teachers don’t want to come up here because perceive U as a fortress.   If we have a place at the waterfront, that would actually make us much more accessible.   A number of us have taken advantage of the Cornwall property.

Would like to see us using current resources – eg at Skagit College, WCC, Burlington. HS for expansion of offerings off campus.  There are places we can reach out to with no addition of resources.—using campus faculty, not just adjuncts.  Also should use those partners for co-research partners.  Shouldn’t lose sight of vision along with the positions as we deal with budget problems.  


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