Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Engineering Technology

What are five biggest expenditures in the university?  

What was your view from 30,000 feet coming in?  Has it changed?

Transparency – if you are in a corporation and look for consultation, you soon discover who to go to for the real information.  

Our capabilities should be very marketable and we need to work to make our value clear to our natural constituencies.

The opportunity that MIT has afforded for the public to take free courses online is very interesting and has probably served them well, though the economics are not apparent.

It is interesting that most of the budget is salaries and most in academic affairs and support.  I want to stress how important it is not to do an across the board cut when the departments haven’t shared equally in increases in their operating budgets.  

When faculty went through discussion of unionization, the information that administration is top heavy was impressive and makes us think that budget cuts should come from the administration.

If we had total control over the budget, would we bring more buildings on line?  

What is the impact on the operating budget of new buildings? (Bruce said 1/20th)

Our maintenance is funded at 60% of the national average – a real challenge. 

Given that we get so many students applying for so few spots, it seems that we could raise tuition. 

UW is going to ask for increased tuition.  Will we join with them in that?  

Is there room on campus to bring 32nd street offices back?  It doesn’t make sense to have HR and staff training down on 32nd street.   ATUS offers quite a few courses on campus, but some are down there, requiring people to travel. 

There is interest in the waterfront. 

People love to be in Bellingham.  I see a great opportunity to encourage entrepreneurship to create more economic opportunities to stay in Bellingham. 

A few years back the folks responsible for attracting business to Bellingham didn’t know we had an electronics program, which would have been attractive to a significant firm.

It would be great to have big company incubators on campus – with their staff teaching and being engaged with our students. 

Has NOAA been courted?  They need to know what the university can offer.  NOAA could be used for economic development and their scientists, engineers, and others would be a great resource. 

Our department is equipment heavy – it is hard to squeeze new equipment out of the budget.

We have good private support but need to market more. 

How do we stay focused on programs and budgets two to three years out when we are taking these painful cuts? 



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