Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Financial Aid

We need to get awards out earlier and recognize that.  Over the past year, it was hard to get out continuing awards by end of August.  We’re at 80% of peer institutions staffing

One of the frozen positions is a processing position, which is concerning.

It is remarkable how we manage to keep up given all the added reporting and accountability paperwork burden.   We want to be best in the state.  When I made the career shift to financial aid, I found that mission compelling.  Have good feedback that we are achieving the kind of office students need.

University has a new student employee of the year award.

We provide $95.6M per year in aid.  8,652 students received aid in 2007-2008.

Anyone can contribute to Ross 403B, where you get taxed now at lower rate – withdrawing funds later tax free.  Given how taxes are likely to go up, this is a good deal for many parents and employees.   

Would like to see depts. look for budget cuts and identify ways to be more efficient that may save the university as a whole money, even though it doesn’t contribute to the department’s own budget cuts.  For example, if we can do more things electronically, we save postage – but that isn’t a credit for us.  Financial aid has no electives to cut.  There are lots of federal requirements and service requirements. 

We have had football players in at the career center – students looking for jobs since they haven’t had time to work before.  We’re hopeful that we can help many to stay and make the best of it.

We appreciate how the university is taking care of the football players and the coaches through this transition.

Your emails have been appreciated, and though I am a football fan, I understand your need to make the decision.   

Hope we can avoid across the board declarations like “no travel”    Some of us can’t do jobs and keep up in our fields if we don’t get hands on training.  Training is distinct from conferences, though some conferences provide good information. 

We rely on work-study students (40) to manage our work.   1000 students through door in one week's time during the first week of fall quarter.  The less staff we have, the more we need to rely on student employees to deliver service.

Debt management and financial management are important issues.  It  seems financial management should be an integral part of a liberal education. 

We conducted an experiment to provide equivalent of husky promise.  We were able to award students through October when it was apparent it would cost too much.  

Parent requests to reevaluate aid awards are up 33%. 

It is possible we’ll see more applications for admission from wealthier students who decide to come to more affordable institutions.   Probably will see a bimodal distribution with more 1st generation families sending kids to school and more upper end students as well.

In Oregon, they are doing more paperless work.   How do cuts affect the investment we need to make in technology – if we are to do imaging, we need equipment, training, etc.  The savings are realized long term. 


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