Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Financial Services

We produce 56,000 checks per year.   We need to fully exploit the use of direct deposit.  We want to meet together at the worker-bee level to improve the process, but some managers are uncomfortable with a bottom up approach.

Listening and training are important.

University staff and faculty need better training on the purchasing rules concerning the use of foundation funds.  Enforcement seems erratic.  Need to use best practices regardless of fund source.  IRS rules and policies don’t care about source of funds.

Purchasing takes a lot of guff from departments through we are just trying to enforce rules and ensure that our accounts are auditable.

We are risk averse as an institution.  But we get pushback from faculty when they try to innovate as with student exchanges, though the contracts are needed to manage risk.  How do we educate the community?

The 32nd street location needs video conferencing capability with the main campus.  This will be more important if we add a waterfront campus.

32nd street staff miss the campus presence (concerts, eateries, bookstore, libraries, students, etc)

Kudos to University Communications for the University News page.  Electronic connections are useful.

32nd street HVAC has issues in winter (was not built to state design standards).  Need to be careful with leased structures.

We spend a lot of time and money on JVs.  Want people to spend from the right account in the first place.

The classified unions would like to figure out how to participate in governance.

More education is needed about accounting codes.  Too many people have to touch documents.

Training is important but staff and time are short.

People seem to be stretching the limits of policies for contracts and procurement.

Academic side of the house seems not to embrace the financial side of the house as part of the university.  We would like to see more of a sense of team.

Will there be a new administrative structure when the new VP BFA and Provost arrive?


Page Updated 11.27.2013