Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Health Center

We love this building, which we’ve been in for 6 years. 

Our goal to be paperless has been realized. 

The center sees about 1% of students per day.  Hear from total of 2% per day.   Students are asked to provide health screening electronically.  Often follow up and reach out to students who provide concerning information. 

We have often talked about charging for visits. 

Students and families are surprised we have real doctors.

This clinic is one of best in community – lots of specialties

People who live off campus don’t realize they can use on campus services. 

Students don’t know about us, but we’re heavily utilized and couldn’t take many more, so we need to be careful in how much we try to expand awareness.

We have concerns about mental health and drug use   The THC in local marijuana is 10 times more powerful than in 60s – is fuel for depression, bi-polar disorder, panic attacks, etc.    We need to have AA and/or NA on campus.  It seems to be a matter of space.

We are more concerned about the violence students do to themselves than the concern for safety on campus.

I went to a  retreat about HIV and found that many of the women who were HIV positive got there because they had self medicated for depression etc, which got them into drugs and HIV positive.  Mental health services are very important.

Students get tremendous service and we are very lucky to have this service.   Students are very supportive for Prevention and Wellness.  My concern is that as hard as we all work, budget concerns could diminish the support.

The division is asking for cost savings ideas at all levels.  Need to trust each other and that we will protect people and core services as much as possible. 

Students really appreciate services.  When the administration proposed 7 dollars per student, students voted for 8.  

Is the U as a whole doing much re energy conservation?


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