Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Human Resources

HR is a presence at the career fair, but students don’t find much of interest since we require 5 years of experience for many positions./   We need to change that mindset.

Human capital is most important.  

We are beginning to get questions on the 4 day workweek.

The president’s leadership can change how we go about recruiting people of color.  We have a pretty welcoming culture, but often can’t offer enough money to entire people to come.  We are looking forward to involving you as appropriate.

The training budget has long been inadequate.  For talent management (incl: human relationships, leadership, technical skills) and sustainable workforce, is an area that needs attention.    

HR fields a lot of complaints.  Many are about leadership style rather than a grievance of contract or policy violations.  How can the President impact leadership/supervisory style?

We are conscious of the need to work to retain employees.  HR has great ideas and is making sure that HR provides full service.

We know about the remarkable services provided across campus for people with disabilities, esp in Woodring and CSD.  We have used faculty as consultants and as trainers for HR to improve, eg: Psychology helped with survey development.

The online application system has a lot of potential and is being improved.  It has lots of advantages, eg: reducing paperwork and it is data rich. 

Thanks for your transparent style and communication.  It helps minimize uncertainty, especially about the budget.

Has there been any consideration to offering or collaborating to offer a PhD program or two? 

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