Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Huxley Advisory Board

I encourage you to continue to bring study of business and the environment together.

We need to change or be left behind.

WWU degrees in sustainability lead to real jobs.

Universities need to figure out how to use practitioners to teach, but often get stuck on teaching credentials. 

The entrepreneurial spirit needs to be nurtured.

I have noticed that agencies and consulting firms have a lot of Huxley grads at mid level positions where they don’t have a clear impact on strategy.  Leadership training for organizational management should be a larger part of the curriculum. 

Huxley grads are excellent scientists but don’t tend to be interested in business.  Scientists like to describe, but not so much to prescribe and base the usefulness of their science for meeting business principles

Recall separation from the town as a student and am worried that the waterfront idea will make it worse.

SEATAC  Airport has a variety of environmentally sound practices.   We have invited Huxley to participate in creating “teaching terminals” that will make Huxley more visible and give people waiting at the airport something to do.  32 million passengers a year pass through SEATAC.


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