Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

International Studies

All of the students I’ve been associated with in study abroad – all have said the experience was transformative.  The international studies minor requires a study-abroad experience.  How do you see study abroad fitting into the role of the University? 

Over time, the Center will be able to discern which programs work best. 

Higher education is directed to producing “bad” citizens – ie: citizens who are critical, think for themselves, don’t accept authority blindly. 

Study abroad is a great service to the public – it helps students to be better critical thinkers. 

I represent WWU at college fairs.   Parents and students increasingly are interested in good study abroad programs. 

There is a sense that some think that foreign students take up space that should be reserved for state residents.  We have about 1% international students.

If we want to increase the enrollment of international students to 2-3 %, there are needs for housing, advising, preparation.    It is difficult to consider these changes when the university is in a budget crisis. 

Curious whether there is likely to be a move to more internet based testing. We are working with iBT (TOEFL Internet-based Test)  – the barrier to greater use seems to be SAT.

Scholarships are a morale booster – it would be good to ensure that we have some for international students and for study abroad.

I don’t understand your job.  It seems like there a lot of symbolic things, but much of your job seems to be about budget. 

Efficiencies are a subject of conversation.  We haven’t always had the information we need to be more efficient. 

Our quarter system is a problem for students who enroll in semester universities.

It seems odd that we don’t have more classes after 5. 


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