Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Journalism Department

In last week’s memo, you said something about the Senate asking for demonstration of how draconian it would be if we make huge cuts.  Is that still the plan?

Last year’s rumor was that all adjunct faculty would be laid off – a little like a roman galley ship shooting all the slaves since we teach so many courses.  

We’re not yet seeing evidence of the bottom up process.   How does it happen in conjunction with possible program elimination, which must be done confidentially and is unlikely to come up from the bottom? 

There’s a perception that this university is top heavy with administration.   And it isn’t clear to us that the administration is going to be cut. 

Is there a plan to partner with surrounding communities that will be impacted by cuts?   The smaller communities’ economies are less resilient. 

Is there any discussion in the legislature about the revenue stream and its regressive nature? 

Wonder whether there’s a scenario where WWU could become more of an upper division university – with so many transfer students looking for a place to go.   Many of our courses are for GURs and are taught by adjuncts.   Same courses are taught at CCs.  Lower division courses are cheaper than upper division – partly because lower division taught more by adjunct faculty. 

Understand we are looking at smaller classes – increasing instructional capacity by combining forces. 

When you came to campus, we wondered about the art issue at UWGB, and since we deal with publications we are concerned with potential censorship.  Through magic of facebook, our students contacted GB students and wrote an article about it. 

Could we get an update on the Provost search?


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