Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Modern and Classical Languages

An important challenge and future focus is international studies and exchanges.   How might we internationalize?  

Would like to require language majors to study abroad.

Study abroad and other advisors spend a lot of time without any course release. 

Service learning and internships are work intensive, but we need to do more.  It is  hard for faculty to reach out given other commitments. 

Is interesting how many WWU students want to do volunteer work.

Might want to consider teaching fellowship for senior students that would encourage them to go to grad school. 

In classics, classes are big. 

Interested in connections among disciplines to draw students into the university community.  Esp beneficial for languages since students aren’t required to take language. 

Students and others seem not to know we offer Chinese. 

International Business should have language requirements – others need to know we teach Chinese and other useful languages for business. 

It is hard to free faculty time from primary responsibilities to do the innovative things.

Our Linguistics program is very strong -- one of largest programs in the nation.   We have many linguists in a number of languages.   Perhaps should be a department. 

Some faculty are working together on an interdisciplinary contest that markets the departments

What can be done through contacts in community to improve image of WWU.   Neighborhood has student party house.  Creates negative image for WWU as party school. 

Is WWU changing into a research university?  

We’re viewed as a service department teaching grammar, but our faculty are very productive scholars who would like to teach a little less.

Students don’t know what they can do with language – other than being professor.   Need to advise students on the advantages.  

Classes are packed even though not required.   So we’re blessed that students choose language.

Came from small college with many native German speakers; language classes suffered.

We do have a lot of students, have to turn many away.

In this department, we see measurable progress in classes, which yields enthusiasm for teaching.

Top notch faculty and students, but faculty to student ratio is high.  How do we improve


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