Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Liberal Studies

We need to decide how much growth is the right amount.  We can’t grow if we don’t have the resources to do it.  Must pay attention to staff/student ratio.

Liberal Studies does a good job of providing rigorous educational development of our students.

It is important that we do not loose ground on faculty/student ratio.  Appears to be going in the wrong direction.  An increase in tenure track faculty must accompany any increase in students.

Student/Faculty ratios in GUR classes has increased to 45 or 50 students and there is pressure to increase that number even more.

With a 10 week quarter system, keeping a lower ratio is extremely important if we are to make a personal connection with our students.

University-wide mandates can cause some problems.  Wonder if programs related to the first year experience are underfunded.

Would like to see the Administration decide if the money the legislature wants to give us really fits with our mission.  New resources need to build on our strengths.

Feeling that research is overtaking teaching as the core mission of the university.

We teach our students to be careful and thoughtful learners and researchers.  Must find a balance between teaching and researching.

Must be careful and strategic as we look at growing our graduate programs.  Can’t be at the detriment of our undergrad programs.

Western must break out of the regional university pack.

There has been a narrowing of the types of students who come to Western since the 90’s.  There is a sense that we are no longer an open access university.

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