Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce


With such a diverse curriculum, it is hard for the library to meet demands to support the increasing faculty research.

Library resources are curriculum-driven, but research that ends up in the classroom may be 2-3 years out of the classroom.   So the library needs to be ahead of the game to keep up with faculty needs.

Library funding doesn’t keep pace with new departments, programs, curriculum and research.

The library needs to be a check point for every budget decision, including grant requests.

There has been a 6-10% annual inflation rate for libraries, higher for the sciences.  The ability of the library to keep pace impacts whether we can recruit and retain faculty.

The Library is a community resources that needs to be a part of our thinking and planning (as at the waterfront).

The library often seems out of the decision-making loop.  Unless a librarian is on ACC, for example, library needs may not come up.  How can we improve communication and get the library viewed as integral to program and course requests?  (eg: require faculty proposals to come to the library for a fiscal note.)

Accreditation raised questions about the budget process.  Is a part of student fees marked for libraries?

With budget cuts statewide, I see the potential for workload increases and decreasing chances for professional development.

Parking is a problem, particularly for those who work late, and park in remote lots. 

Community transportation doesn’t work as well as it should, eg: on weekends, evenings, breaks)

Why do we have so few night classes?

As enrollment increases, a pleasant challenge is that the library is more crowded.  There is a shortage of computers in the library.

We serve groups off campus.  It would be good to have a gathering place on the waterfront so that off-campus groups could meet.   The satellite facility for the library has been set aside for now.  Should we be discussing sharing library facilities with the city?

Should we be looking into growing and changing our distance education opportunities?

Can the university support on-line resources for off-campus programs?  It is hard for the library to choose between print resources and often more costly online resources.  Many print resources are going away.

How would we create a separate category of university for WWU that is recognized as between research and regional comprehensive?

(@50 in attendance)

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