Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Mail Services, Central Stores & Transport Services

We have examined operations and reduced vehicle use in the interest of saving fuel.   We’re talking about reducing a second mail delivery each day – but only after first talking with constituents. 

We are interested in getting back to using electric vehicles.  We abandoned them early on because of problems in the early models (eg: not waterproof), but understand that they’re better now.

The economic return on investment on “sustainable” products (like hybrid cars) is not always high. 

We have switched to 100% recycled paper.

We hope to get out of the armory. It needs substantial renovation to make is a workable environment.

The university has lots of old inventory of furniture and such.   We need better central control of equipment replacement.

It would be good if there were a campus-wide special events office to help coordinate all that is going on (esp as regards moving equipment around at the last minute).

When grease traps were cleaned last week, it was noxious and there was no warning it was going to happen so people were concerned and it wasn’t clear who to call.  Shouldn’t we do that sort of thing on weekends or after hours?

Close to start up of the quarter, too many room assignment changes are made at the last minute, making it difficult for the transport staff.  We see some change in this with Frances on board.

If WWU considers going to 4 ten hour days, which is being piloted by the Governor, we would need to work with WTA on earlier and later bus lines so it will be feasible for employees who bus to work.

Most of us enjoy risks and challenges and success.  Sometimes the labor/management framework inhibits dealing with those who are less willing. 

It is both hard to extend proper kudos to people, and difficult to address incompetence.


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