Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Music Department Comments from Listening Sessions with Bruce

Budget issues on the statewide level are of a great concern to the group.

Appreciated tone that was set in the fall with an inclusive convocation and the tone with regards to transparency. 

Would like to see across the board cuts in order to be fair. 

It is more difficult to cover lessons in the Music department because of the different instruments.

Think outside the box…like to think of other ways we might be able to mitigate the budget cuts.  Revive the proposal of a student arts fee of some sort.  Is this an idea whose time has come?  What are examples for successful fee programs elsewhere?

Covering courses for faculty on sabbaticals can be difficult.

There may be a culture on campus that the music department is not accessible to non-majors. Want people to know that many non music majors take advantage of the program. 

Pride ourselves that when we recruit we are able to say that regardless of their chosen major, students are always able to participate in an ensemble.

Important to develop relationships with private music teachers but also with secondary education teachers. 

If there is the potential for additional state funding for capital expenditures as an economic stimulus, a concert hall would be a capital expenditure that would assist with space issues.  The armory could be used for that type of project.

People don’t know that a piano has a life time.  Pianos wear out.  Both of the concert grand pianos are very old and need to be replaced.  Visiting artists are beginning to notice the problems related to the age of the piano. 

Student tech fee – process for updating computer labs?  What is the process for getting these things done?

As a Political Scientist, what is your experience with the Arts? 

You are welcome to come to recitals. 



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