Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce


One of our biggest concerns is the Carver facility.  We put lots of energy into pre-design.   We could do so much more with a better facility. 

Problems of small classrooms, office space, parking, etc are issues across campus. 

Worked for strategic planning consulting firm and often faced issues of transparency.  Appreciate that you’ve brought transparency – with the apparent gap of the decision on the football program.  What was that process and why?

We are not alone.  We saw that Stanford’s athletics program has a huge deficit.  

The physical education program, one of the oldest programs on campus, is over 100 years old.   There are lots of alums from the 1950s, starting off as coaches and teachers.  Many think the dept is the same as athletics.   We split off into Arts and Sciences in the 70s.  Exercise science branched out. Recreation and health education layered on.    There are several autonomous efforts that are joined in the department for one of the largest majors on campus with 150-180 grads per year.   80% get jobs or go on for grad school.  

The department contributes a lot to the future –improve health, quality of life.  We work with many depts., draw from sciences, and want to partner with other depts.. 

The department sends more students to health professions than any other dept.  the department is committed to core values of the institution. 

Our students have such good experience getting jobs; the program is strong.   We have good self-esteem but it isn’t clear that the rest of the university understands the quality of the program.

There are so many changes across the university.  We appreciate your commitment to being transparent and reinforcing the positive. 

In my experience at other institution, when budget cutting starts, units start scrambling.   I understand that the next step in the process is when everything gets up on paper.  Where do these comments go and what sort of framework do we use to move forward?

What kinds of metrics will we use to generate and assess savings?

Not clear to us that there’s a level playing field.  Our department is very efficient with the resources we have – there may be others that aren’t as efficient. 

We are hoping for accreditation for community health.  

I came here because effective teaching was focus.  Hear rumors that we will become more research oriented with 1/3 the funds and 3x the teaching load that research universities have.  Want to preserve the teaching-first orientation. 

We work with work-study students for whom financial aid is very important.  We depend on them and are concerned with potential tuition increases. 

There has been very little change in departmental budgets over the years.   Students pay course fees to supplement departmental budgets.


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