Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Political Science

The budget situation looms very large.  

WSU reports reducing classes by 20%, but not enrollments. 

Will class size increase?

What will the Provost’s role be in sorting out these issues?  What are you looking for in the Provost? 

How important is public relations in promoting our image -- as distinct from Central and Eastern -- with the state?

Diversity of student body, faculty and staff is important.  How are we going to impact diversity? 

Seattle magazine recently listed diversity of universities in the state. Other universities, especially in the Seattle area, seem to have higher percentages of students of color.  We need to develop better support, internships, etc to support students of color.

Woodring did creative funding for diversity initiatives, but now is told to get funds elsewhere. 

Students aren’t being well prepared for college.  Upper division students in major can’t write an argumentative essay.  Hard to get students to same place at end of college when they start at such different places.  Takes 3 weeks to grade papers if you try to deal with their writing and thinking.

Understanding appropriate student skill sets for students may be part of the review of our vision for the university.

I was attracted to WWU as a happy medium between research and teaching.  Not sure what being the premier university means or whether I want that.

We should establish a program supporting scholars seeking grants of an amount more typical in the Humanities and most disciplines in the social sciences. External sources of funding could be even more important in difficult financial times.

Is there any indication that the state is thinking differently about the budget cut so that higher ed won’t be slashed?


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