Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

President's Staff and Reports (Internal Audit, EO, Diversity, AAG, Architect)

Would like to see more emphasis on intellectual diversity.

Should WWU consider the idea of branch campuses since so many people want to come to WWU and can’t?

It seems that we underuse our facilities in the evening and on weekends

We should be concerned about student finances in the current economy.

I would like to see a required course on personal finance.

We need to take full advantage of our ability to waive tuition.

I hear a lot from transfer students about barriers to transferring.

We need to take the opportunity to tell our story better – obtain consensus about branding.

Need to get out to the local community the word about our economic impact and other positives.

Parking is an issue for events, as for the Mt.Baker Theater events being held on campus during their renovation.  We need to find ways to be more accommodating.

Excitement about melding the capital and operating budget processes to do a better job of ensuring that the capital side can accommodate success on the operating side. 

As a classified employee, am not supposed to attend the Pro Staff leadership classes.  I found the curriculum useful for learning about communications issues.

Search processes take too long, require too many forms and sign offs.  We run the risk of losing candidates.

Often searches are impacted by the timing of budget decisions.

Search processes still too bureaucratic

EO should not be the only place to send individuals experiencing conflict.   HR is understaffed.  We made to do more supervisory training to take advantage of other talent on campus.

We need a simpler, quicker, informal way to deal with student complaints.

Training is important.  Often people don’t know that there is a rule they’ve violated.

Policy Process has made good strides toward informing the university community about policies and bringing them into the review process.

We need to take advantage of recruiting regionally, like from the Hispanic population in Skagit Valley. 

We should take advantage of summers to get kids on campus – need more affordable programs to draw in first generation populations.

We are expanding outreach to potential employees of color in the community.


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