Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Provost's Office Staff

Would like to see the faculty hiring system streamlined with a system that would combine the letter of offer and the contract.  This would also help get technology enabled before they arrived on campus.

Residences: challenge finding the balance between having empty beds and a waiting list.

Academic Affairs is the face of the Administration.  Important to lead by example with regards to travel restrictions, frugality and hiring.  It is also important that we have the resources to effectively do our mission critical work.

Budget is a concern.  We are in a potentially serious situation.  It is important that the core functions and occupied positions be protected as much as possible.

Suggestion that the university create a policy on surveys.  There has been a drop off on the response rate for surveys perhaps because there are so many surveys being sent out from different areas.  Important to make sure that a survey is the best instrument to obtain data. 

Western should make an effort to attract student leaders who are National Merit Scholars and offer challenges that will keep them engaged at the university.

Western will face the challenge of changing population demographics that will remain flat for several years and effect enrollment.

Space issues are a challenge at the university and with less money available for Capital Projects we are looking for better and different ways to utilize our existing space.

The waterfront project is still moving ahead.  It is important that the community have a clear vision as to what is important at the Waterfront.  Would like to see an arts district.  As stewards of the university, we must think with a 50 – 100 year prospective as to what our role should be.

Students need access to classes and advising.

One thing that makes Western so excellent is that our graduates have hands on experience that appeals to employers and graduate schools.  The quality of the student experience is important.  We need to do a better job with student engagement at the freshman level. The relationships our students form is important to retention.  It is important for students to connect at a deeper level with faculty.

Our athletics facilities need to be improved.  Carver Gym is a challenge.

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