Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Public Safety, Parking, and Sustainable Transportation

Transportation is now housed with sustainability.   We are housed in the Viking Commons with the Office of Sustainability, in order to have close access to the Associated Students and the Western ID Card office. Shared some points about the program in linked document.

We have a lot of successes to report.  80% of students have registered their cell phones for emergency notifications.

It is hard for students to find bike racks on campus.

Cars get broken into too often, especially on the south lots.  Better lighting would help.

Budget issues are on everyone’s mind. 

WWU Police make arrests when needed.  They also go the extra mile to serve students, eg: accompanying them to the hospital or health center.

Did UWGB have enough parking?

We have a campus wide interest in sustainability that reflects good work by the campus sustainability committee and commitment of many more.

Seems we could save money by having Engineering Tech students construct bike racks.

We have grown from an isolated campus to a cooperating organization with local police.  The department does more to help the city than the other way around.  What is your view of enforcement off-campus?

Parking staff have a hard time determining who gets parking where.  IT would be good to have that decision made elsewhere.



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