Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Registrar's Office

We are interested in improving technology use.  We seem to be slow in providing the equipment, training, programming we need to get the job done. 

We are very close to having an E-Catalogue.

Will any of the president’s discretionary fund be used to fund positions?  

Is there any discussion by the Governor of declaring financial exigency so that the K-12 budget will come into play? 

Am concerned about the bicycles weaving through heavy foot traffic.  Many of the riders have earphones or on cell phones.   

I’ve noticed that when the economy is bad, more people come to school.  Are we likely to expect a rise in enrollments?

Are we near a resolution on the Provost’s search?  Several of us attended all the forums.  We also are curious about the interim deans.  The Registrar’s office works closely with the academic side of the house. 

Will we move ahead with the search for these positions during this budget crunch?

Morale is improving in this difficult time because of your openness.  We appreciate your inclusiveness and interest in what we do.

If enrollment is up but we don’t have the number of instructors we need, we will hear from parents when students can’t get classes they want.   What will we do?  

Are we likely to get hit more than Eastern or Central? 


Page Updated 11.27.2013