Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce


The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides counseling in Whatcom County; research center; economic gardening (receiving national recognition). 

We provide business students with great research internships.  Marketing research.  Special projects for local and statewide organizations.

We service all kinds of businesses. 

We are a subcontractor for WSU – not clear where that will go. 

We’re going through a major transition.  SBDC serves businesses with fewer than 500 employees.  “Small Business” doesn’t reflect all we do.  Hope to have something by early in 2009. 

Appreciate the president’s budget missives, even though they’re moistly bad news. This is a challenging time. 

I really appreciate the expertise of the faculty in marketing and finance.   They have a lot to offer.

4th generation Bellingham.  Worked for private companies before this.   Graduate students are wonderful – bright, articulate, concerned citizens; moved downtown and now see another side of WWU students.   Community has not been tuned in to what WWU has to offer.  When there is a lot of (negative) activity after hours, it affects community/public relations.  KGMI--Recent burglary – by WWU student.   Expected UComm to counter the news with discussion of character, code of conduct, etc.  Wonder whether values that are so important in application process can be continued. 

Are there plans to build a parking structure? 

I have been in different places with universities.  Here the relationship between the city and businesses and the university is more difficult. 

As recent grad, I know lots of people who wanted to stay after graduating but couldn’t find jobs.

Our community doesn’t hear enough about the economic impact on the community.   SBDC plays important role in economic development too. 

Surprised we don’t have an online degree program. 

Just returned from lenders’ forum where I was told that the Small Business Administration just raised fees.   We need to continue giving support to the community, micro loans, etc.

There are still many economic opportunities – need to be clear that all is not lost.—our services will help the economy pull through.  

Our students are so well prepared.

International program is strong at WCC.  WWU had recruited top Korean students but couldn’t find place for them – they ended up going to WCC.  Perception (which is wrong) is that the state puts caps on number of students we can recruit from international or other non-resident students. 


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