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Sehome Neighborhood Association Comments

Half of residences in the neighborhood are rentals, many multi family zoned, so students are a vital part of our community.  We have pressure to do infill.  The association is creating a landlord relations committee and a disaster preparedness committee.  Educating for disaster preparedness is a problem more given how transient the population is.

We have always had a good relationship with the university. 

Attended a talk by a Neuropsychology professor in a pub Sunday night about concussions to 20-30 people.  It was terrific.("Concussion: Bell Ringer or Brain Injury" presented by Kelly Jantzen, assistant professor in Western's Psychology Department, was the third discussion topic of a series of neighborhood round-table discussions: "Neuroscience on Tap: Bring Your Own Brain (BYOB)” at The Copper Hog, sponsored by the WWU BRAIN program.)

I wonder whether replacing the gravel paths with concrete would make things better.

We never know where to park. 

The Jersey Street trail needs to be shorn up and maintained.  It goes through Arboretum to Old Main.   The steps are better, but it still needs work.  This trail has been a focus of neighborhood cleanups.  Not sure whether it is city or university/arboretum property

We’re involved in the initiative to look at Samish Way master planning – to make it an urban center, and want to connect with university on potential of including affordable housing for students/faculty/staff. 

As a senior at WWU and student representative on the SNA Board, I recognize that part of higher education is learning to be a useful part of the community.  Would like to see greater emphasis on educating students on what it is to be a community member.   Urge support for Campus Community Coalition (CCC). 

Echo the excitement of the group that you’re attending this meeting and getting out into the community. 

We have been working for years to bring an Armory renovation project to fruition.   Very pleased with elements of the armory renovation proposal submitted to the state.  Is the Armory a midpoint for the waterfront project?  City has talked about upgrading the Pine street crossing across Boulevard.  We’d be happy to help as an organization. 

The Sehome neighborhood plan is before the City Council.  Some small parts of the plan impact WWU.

We hear that the price of housing on campus is high.

WWU needs to improve communication with the neighborhood associations concerning capital projects.  Association president is the best place to start.  Association meets 4 times a year.  Board meets monthly.  Would appreciate participation of university liaison in some way, much like city provides.

We support the CCC, which helps with communication.   Each of associations needs to interact with CCC.

Would like to see WWU provide more extended learning for seniors.  In summer when student housing is empty, WWU should offer seminars. 

Programs for kids taught by students are very good outreach into the community. 

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