Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Shannon Point Marine Center

Moving from the best in the Northwest to the best in the country, how do we move to that status, define what we are going to be known for – how do we focus?

Reading through the SCOT for SPMC, a question for clarification:  Will how we seek to be defined as a national university be based on the student population or program focused?

Reconciling how graduate programs expand while downplaying role of being a research University.

Graduate programs are underdeveloped; what is the role of graduate programs at WWU?

Thinking of marketing, how might the University use SPMC – can we market more regarding WWU expertise in Marine Sciences and/or Ocean Sciences; how might the University use SPMC to reach out to the community?

First 100 days rating is an A+ for this new Administration.  Impressed with openness of communication as well as making tough decisions.

As a former student at Western and now an employee with a daughter who will be attending WWU, concerned that she and other students experience both social engagement and scientific innovation while at Western.

Regarding the Waterfront, while exciting, have heard the Geology Department has expressed concerns about seismic issues with the Waterfront project. 

While appreciating the facilities at SPMC and all that went into getting the new building funded, see that one of our weaknesses is being able to integrate more with the University.  One issue / concern is regarding students’ ability to commute to Anacortes to be able to use the facilities/resources at SPMC.

While we develop our own goals, we find it is challenging to engage in the conversation about getting the funding to implement the goals.



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