Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce


We’re not a regional university but we are interested in our role in the region

Many graduates want to stay in the area and so service to the community is an important part of their education.

Some faculty do not do anything in their research and teaching that is particularly local or regional.  The University shouldn’t be too parochial

The state is emphasizing higher demand courses, meaning things the state and the economy demands more of..  What about the high need and value for liberal arts education?

Not everyone knows what WWU is known for.  We need better information about our successes.

We’re a regional in a global economy, including the Pacific Rim.  We need to continue to take advantage of our proximity to Canada.

If it is clear that we need to get the message out, who is responsible for doing so?

It is often a major effort to get everyone on board.

I am curious about the philosophy of risk taking.  There are some area where one can’t take risks because of auditing and such.

How are potential budget cuts likely to impact the budget process?

Some of our students are place bound or time-bound.   We need to tailor support for non-traditional students

We have not grown our graduate programs.  Is there a problem selling such programs in Olympia?

There is a project for signage on campus, but insufficient budget for it.

Didn’t see much in the preliminary report about service learning and community service.

Students work too much – local employers exploit their need for part time work and expand it to too many hours, which distracts students from their primary occupation.  When you compare the hourly wage to the cost of education per student per hour, the investment of student time is quite lop sided.

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