Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Student Affairs Directors

The university is short on green space for playfields and stadium seating.   We need more ideas on how to maximize the functional space.  We could expand the use of space along the south campus entry, but there are no full sized fields now. 

We need a politically saleable solution for the Carver Gym facility

It is hard for students to get the classes they need.  We should work toward marrying what students want to take with what the faculty offer.   This is not a new problem, and not unique to WWU.

Students’ most often chosen major coming in is not congruent with the most frequently granted degrees reflecting, in part, the difficulty students have with mathematics.  Western could benefit by investing in a top notch math preparation course.

Students who work and have other financial obligations have more difficulty meeting GPA requirement for competitive majors, and students coming from lower socio-economic status have more trouble than most.  We need to keep that in view as we target scholarship dollars.

We need to make better use of institutional research to support decision making.

To really exploit our environmental niche, we need to expand the sustainable focus throughout the campus. 

Students with mental health and emotional support needs require a team to support them.   Staff are stressed as they support a larger number of students each year.

The legislature is an active regulator.   There are many mismatches between federal and state regulations such as in safety reporting and waivers.  There are building and business regulations that impact programs and management that don’t yield sufficient value. 

We need to attend to the system of student academic advising at all levels.  Transfer students are rarely admitted into a major.  

The state favors community college education, but associate degree holders are not necessarily prepared for the major.  If they’re interested in a cohort program, this can lead to big problems. 

Undocumented students can be admitted in Washington if they were enrolled in a high school in the state, but they are not eligible for financial aid.  Can the university be more vocal about this and about occasional deportation of students (as happened to a WWU student a couple of years ago)?

Page Updated 11.27.2013