Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Student Leaders'

What is the future of the University – more buildings?

Faculty salaries have been an issue in the past.   Will we be able to advance in the future?

There’s an obvious financial concern about institutional tuition decisions.   Have heard about a potential 14% increase.   Where does it go?   Buildings?  Olympia? 

Will other student fees go up?  

We need to work on ADA accessibility:  the pathways through campus; the bricks are a risk; another path has a tree in the middle.  Need some upgrades for bathrooms – automatic doors, etc. 

Communication of administrative decisions should involve more interaction with students.  The football decision made sense, but students felt left out and betrayed.  It would have been good to include someone from the football program.

Concerned that we will only have a few sports and be like a small school, but with more students.  Worried we will not have enough parking if we grow.

We’re considered a mid sized university, but it looks like the enrollment will increase with the waterfront development. 

Parking continues to be a problem – we would really like the lots to be paved.

The success of the bus passes has made it very difficult to get on the bus because ridership is up.

Is there any proposal to set up video surveillance of parking lots?  

When Universities strive for best status, they sometimes try to assess quality of students and the student experience in new ways. 

Student leaders appreciate making a tough decision that is qualitative. 

Concerned about impact of traditional policies and facilities on gay and transgendered students.   There is no mixed gender housing.   Some students are accommodated with single rooms, but might prefer mixed gender living.  Family bathrooms, for example, are useful for various purposes.  

There seems to be quite a dichotomy between the idea of maintaining high quality and also low tuition. 

We don’t do the same kind of outreach that UW and other Us do. 

How will we continue to improve diversity, particularly with blacks and latinos? 

Students I talk to are very different in whether they think that there’s diversity.   Black students who come to WWU from Seattle and Tacoma think WWU is not diverse, but if from anywhere else, they see a lot.    Same with Hispanics.  People from the east side wonder where the Hispanic students are.  Working with Ethnic Student Center to improve recruitment and retention.   The more students we get, the more we can recruit.   Helps create comfort. 

There are a lot of small projects on campus, as scholarships, women of color empowerment; etc.  Important to get info about retention programs out to the campus. 


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