Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Teacher Education Outreach Programs

With distance involved in our program locations, we need to be thinking of ways with constricting budget to stay well connected. 

Public policy drives us away from the campus to providing professional development for professionals.  With state policy favoring continuing education, relationship between EESP and Woodring continues to evolve.

Revenue is important, but the cost of our programs is often higher than regular tuition.

We are in competition with other programs along the I-5 corridor and often feel like we’re competing with a hand tied behind our backs because we don’t compensate institutions for using their facilities.

We need to provide incentives to good schools to partner with us.  

We provide undergraduate and post bac courses at night so our students can continue working.   

We don’t offer enough summer programs.  The campus is quiet in the summer.

The Bremerton population is unique and very isolated from Seattle: serve military families with spouses deployed; draw people from up to Port Townsend; deal with 7 school districts.  The ability to take night classes is narrowing in economy.  The Tacoma Narrows bridge will create more competition.  We could serve this population much better.

There is growth at Olympic college – Human Services is there too.  We’d love to have more permanent office space.  (we’re in a portable)

We have talked about programs for celebrating our graduates and building programs for graduate programs.

It is difficult to market the programs – even visiting the WWU website is akin to having to come to Bellingham.   We can’t afford most marketing in the Seattle area. 

Passion on state board concerns increasing high school graduation rates. 

We need a focused mission and passion to get elementary kids to go to college – would give us much power in the community.

We are spending time thinking about taking advantage of potential federal legislation that would provide grants for this.  Increasing children’s aspirations is a university-wide responsibility.

(13, including 3 at remote locations)


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