Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Theater Department

Bruce always says that he wants our work to be fun.  Theatre wants to contribute ideas of how we can help make things fun:

  • Students are great ambassadors
  • Speaker to read the retirees names at retirement event
  • Use students as waiters
  • Do a performance bit or improv as entertainment at events
  • Noon time faculty and staff improv
  • Holiday shows – entertainment
  • How can we knit across university lines that won’t require a specific scheduled class?
  • Build a sense of community and morale on campus
  • Have a short performance around the Board Meeting – perhaps during the lunch?
  • Invite the trustees to attend a performance
  • Perform at the President’s Home during a Board of Trustees dinner.
  • WTA-Western Theatre Ambassadors (10 min. performance)

Are there any programs that were at Green Bay that you want to bring to Western? 

Do you consider yourself a “Northwesterner”?

Parking is an issue - audiences need to have access to the performances.  There is a direct correlation between parking and the Theater Department’s revenue.  When 11G is closed for another event, the department might not know about it and it can affect their constituencies’ ability to attend an event.  Also affects how the community might perceive Western.  Hope that a master calendar might provide some help when planning events so other department’s plans can be considered before setting schedules.

Make a cultural shift to the get the public to use park and ride to shows at Western.

Want CFPA to be considered for placement at the Waterfront.

Scene department is thankful to be out of the armory but at some point we need to get back together as a united college, which will make the college stronger. 

Our ultimate goal is being the best CFPA undergraduate program in the state. 

Heard a positive comment about becoming a more interdisciplinary college.  Want to offer a CFPA degree that is interdisciplinary. 

The idea of interdisciplinarity is very important and its value is being realized by the community at large.

Service Learning – we work with community schools, summer programs and give a lot to the community.  Important to bring theater in to the Middle Schools given the lack of funds for public school arts programs. Comments from Western students that service learning is the hardest but the best thing they have ever done.

Appreciate bus passes and center for healthy living program.  Helps staff on campus keep healthy.  Excellent program.  Hopes that the program does not go away when the student who is running it graduates.

Our identity seems to be an endangered species model of higher education.  What is your idea of where we fit in to current higher education institutions? 

The community that the department has built for the students is amazing. We don’t have a strong graduate program that is in competition with the undergrad program. 

The number of “legacies” that come to Western seems to be high. 



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