Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

University Relations and Communications

We are trying to figure out how we will communicate university’s story using new media and when newspapers aren’t available.

Getting our message out to people in new ways is a challenge, given that old model of press releases is going way of the dodo.   That makes our work exciting. 

We need to make sure our messages are sharp.   We have a lot of talented soloists putting out messages across campus.  We’re working on getting better, more consistent brand and  marketing.

I am frustrated with the WWU logo and find it hard to find WWU gear off campus.   We need takeaways for legislators – a better brand.

A good way to get our message out is to bring people doing similar work together across campus.   E.g.: Lots of people are making videos and they get lost after assignments are done.  

We need to find a way to get people to communicate more among themselves on campus.

Before we had Western Today started, we just had an electronic clipping service.  

We use Pier daily for Western Today – which has the benefit of making us familiar with Pier so we can use it quickly in an emergency.   Western Today helps cut across silos so we are more familiar with others’ work.   People can opt out.   About 200 have opted out.  

We provide a similar opportunity for a weekly that has an opt-in for alumni.  

Loved it when Bruce and Cyndie helped students move in.  It is a great service for the students and great for the staff/faculty who help.   More should volunteer.

Would love to see more mentoring opportunities for staff to work with students. 

Our people work very hard.  The office has not grown in 10 years – the staff work hard and stay late. 

We have interacted with emergency planning – which is very good -- and are very familiar with the Pier system and others, which we use in emergencies.  David Satler has students working to develop messages that communicate properly. 

I was very happy with how Window turned out.   We didn’t retouch the front photo…


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