Regarding the Governor's Budget Recommendation


The media have reported several developments on the state's budgetary front and these will have implications for Western.  Today, it was the release of the Governor's proposed budget for the next biennium.

As proposals are better understood, we will provide links to primary sources and offer summaries on the web site for Western's Office of Planning and Budget.  At this point, my message is very simple: what we have are proposals, more will be coming, there is a long road to go down before we have an actual budget, and nothing has changed today at Western as a result of these proposals nor are further budget adjustments immediately imminent.

The state's fiscal situation is extremely serious.  At Western we have been prudently planning for a very difficult 2011-13 biennium.  Nothing can immunize us from the consequences but we do have the preparations, processes and strategies in place to guide us.  And, most critically, to keep us productively together.

I do reaffirm these commitments.  As soon as we know anything more concrete, you will know it, too.  We will continue to work closely together – university, faculty and staff,  students, alumni, the many communities we serve – to aggressively shape an outcome that best protects brighter futures for Washington.  And, we will build our 2011-13 operating budget this winter and spring using our established transparent, bottom up planning and budgeting processes guided by the strategic priorities developed by UPRC and just approved by our Trustees.

Only then will the actual implications for Western be clear as we finalize our operating budget for 2011-13.

Please also remember what I have found throughout my career:  when things look really, really good, they never turn out that way; and, when things look really, really bad, they also never turn out that way.

In the months ahead, our patience, our morale, our commitments will again be tried.  I deeply appreciate all you have been willing to put up with to this point.  And, having witnessed  your strength, I remain even more confident of brighter long-term futures for Western.

My best,


Page Updated 11.27.2013