2012 Exceptional Effort Awards

Sara Nichols

Sara Nichols, development director for Athletics, who led the University-Foundation partnership to provide a gift in place of a renovated softball field. Over the course of the year Sara's leadership and attention to detail on this critical pilot project has been stellar. The success of the project is important to many facets of the university: improving the physical appearance of the grounds; improving Western's ability to recruit students overall, working closely with colleagues in BFA to model a collaborative working relationship on a non-public works project; and raising significant new funds and gifts-in-kind to advance the Foundation's reputation and assets.

Jane Wareing

Jane Wareing, who as patient services coordinator for the Counseling Center, sees more clients than any counselor at the center. She greets every person who walks through the front door or who calls the front desk with warm, attention and care, providing that human connection that creates a sense of safety and genuine caring for people who are often feeling vulnerable, especially for those people who have never stepped foot in a counseling center. She is at the helm of the counseling center operations, with an eye for detail and follow-through so that no clients fall through the cracks.

Bob Hofstetter

Bob Hofstetter, Marketing and Memberships Services manager for Campus Recreation, consistently offers his professional best to the faculty, staff, alumni, students and parents of students at Western. He welcomes people into the Wade King Student Recreation Center with kindness, respect and a big smile.

He consistently steps up and takes on additional job responsibilities for the good of the overall operation and management of the Wade King Student Recreation Center. The student employees that are mentored by him express great pleasure in their work experience.

Brad Jackson

Brad Jackson, Western's head men's Basketball coach, who was nominated for the award before his team won the national title. Brad is in his 27th season, the longest tenure of any coach in WWU history in any sport. Earlier this season, Brad became just the fifth four-year college basketball coach in the state of Washington to reach the 500-win milestone and the 40th in NCAA Division II men's basketball history.

He is the most successful men's basketball coach in school history, both in total wins and winning percentage. In addition to his great success on the court, Brad has continually been an inspiration, an outstanding role model and mentor to the many young men who have gone through his program.

Chris Hadley

Chris Hadley, who consistently sets and meets the highest standards for himself as a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems engineer. He has the most difficult of jobs, commissioning systems after they are installed, and ensuring that these systems are able to perform as specified.

He analyzes system potential for energy savings for the university, and applies solutions that are unique, inventive and imaginative. His creative use of materials in optimizing controls and control sequences is based on his keen desire to save taxpayer dollars. His high standards in energy efficiency has led to substantial reductions in utility expenditures.

Lea Aune

Lea Aune, Human Resources services manager, led the effort to respond to the campus community's call for improved accuracy in data and reporting as well as improved information regarding HR's expectations of the departments.

The demands on Lea were very challenging.With a relatively new staff she needed to significantly transform the human resources information system processes and analyze numerous complex issues, solicit meaningful feedback from the campus, and built consensus for change. Her collaborative approach and encouragement for new ideas helped to inspire creativity and build a productive team atmosphere.

Rick Osen

Rick Osen, assistant dean for Administration and Planning in Western Libraries, has worked at the library for over 33 years. Since becoming a member of the administrative unit in 1991, his leadership, ability to identify key issues, and ability to work effectively with units across the campus have been instrumental in moving the library forward.

Under Rick's leadership, greater efficiencies have occurred and allowed the library to continue the work necessary to provide materials efficiently and effectively to the university community. Perhaps most significantly, this has been done in a collaborative, transparent and collegial way.

Marlene Harlan

Marlene Harlan, director of Marketing and Summer Programs for Extended Education, continually contributes to Western and Extended Education through sound leadership, consistent and thoughtful communication, and strong visioning. She is the first to raise her hand and take on more responsibility.

She demonstrates exceptional ability and willingness to work positively and effectively with others. Marlene is a quiet, but talented communicator, leader and negotiator. She has been consistently instrumental in developing new partnerships across campus and beyond, in addition to fostering and nurturing current partnerships.

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