Accountability and Transparency

We at Western Washington University take seriously our responsibilities to the citizens of Washington State and to all of Western’s many stakeholders. We, like many public higher education institutions, are committed to accountability and transparency, and participating in the national Voluntary System of Accountability. By clicking on the College Student Portrait link, you may see Western’s status on dimensions deemed important by this national group.

Accountability & Transparency Links


College Portrait

The College Portrait evidence only tells part of the story, so we have created two additional information resources that are easily available and easy to comprehend: Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and an Academic Fact Book. A quick glance at the KPIs will show how we are doing with certain key performance indicators, while the Academic Fact Book shows a compilation of basic data, much of which is regularly shared with state and accreditation agencies.

These resources were designed to answer questions we receive frequently and provide facts of general interest. Data will be updated regularly and posted as applicable. We welcome your feedback on the utility of this information and how these resources could be improved. Please e-mail us at

Page Updated 11.22.2017