Faculty Excellence in Teaching Awards


Although all WWU faculty members are committed to outstanding teaching, periodically the Western community has the opportunity to recognize some of our exceptional faculty members.  The two annual Excellence in Teaching Awards are examples of the university community’s efforts to recognize and show appreciation to faculty members for their service and outstanding achievements.  Each of the two following awards includes a $1,000 check and your nomination of exceptional faculty members for either of these awards is encouraged.

A faculty member from either the College of Humanities and Social Sciences or the College of Sciences and Technology will be chosen to receive the Peter J. Elich Excellence in Teaching Award.

A faculty member from one of the other Colleges:  Business and Economics, Fairhaven, Fine and Performing Arts, Huxley, and Woodring College of Education will be chosen to receive the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Information Necessary to Complete the Nomination Process

Thanks for your interest in nominating a faculty member for these meaningful awards.  During the process to nominate a faculty member for an Excellence in Teaching Award, you will be asked to provide the following information on the next screens.  (Note:  Respondents may move around the nomination form to update responses until the form is completed or they have exited the form.  After the nomination form is completed,  the respondent will not be able to re-enter the electronic nomination form.)

Information about the Faculty Nominee

  • Name of Faculty Nominee
  • Department
  • Nomination Statement/Letter of Recommendation (approx. 1-2 pages in length)

Nominator Information

  • Your Name
  • Your email address (preferred) or telephone number
  • Please check one  (Current Student) (Alumni) (Faculty) (Staff)

After being nominated, the faculty nominee will be contacted and invited to participate in the award process.  If the faculty member wishes to be considered, he/she will be asked to provide supporting materials that are related to teaching for evaluation by the review committee.

Criteria and Procedures for Selection

Criteria and procedures for selection of the Excellence in Teaching Awards are:

  • Although tenure is not required, candidates must be full-time faculty members. (Visiting faculty are not eligible.)
  • Nominations may be made by current students, alumni, WWU faculty or staff members.
  • A faculty member may receive the award only once.
  • Only the names of award recipients will be announced. Names of nominees will not be published.
  • Nominees will be asked if they wish to be considered and, if so, will be asked to submit supporting materials for review/evaluation.
  • Nominees from the previous year may elect to remain under consideration for the subsequent year and resubmit supporting materials.
  • In the event that fewer than four nominations are received for an award, the evaluation process for those nominations will be continued until the following academic year.
  • The awards are teaching awards and submitted supporting materials should relate to teaching (not research).
  • Award evaluation committees may request: evaluations of current and/or previous classes; recommendations from faculty colleagues and former and/or current students; class visitations may be conducted. Additional or alternative criteria may be devised by the evaluation committee.

Nominations for the faculty Excellence in Teaching Awards are solicited from students, alumni, faculty and staff members and are due by December 7, 2012.

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