Outstanding Scholarship Award

One Outstanding Scholarship Award is given each year to a faculty member from one of the following:

  • Business and Economics,
  • Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies,
  • Fine and Performing Arts,
  • Huxley College of the Environment,
  • Woodring College of Education
  • Western Libraries.

The following criteria and policies are meant to secure comprehensive evaluation.

  1. No person shall receive this award more than once.
  2. Only the name of the winner of the award will be announced on completion of the process; the names of other candidates shall not be published at any time during or after the process.
  3. Tenure is not a requirement, but the candidate must be a tenure track member of the faculty and should have at least three full years of service at Western. Visiting faculty, non-tenure track faculty, and part-time faculty are not eligible.
  4. Nominees will be asked if they wish to be candidates and, if so, required to submit materials to the committee.
  5. The award is for research and materials submitted should speak to research and scholarship.
  6. The evaluation committee may devise additional or alternative criteria and/or process upon announcement.
  7. The evaluation committee will evaluate materials secured through all processes and make its selection according to its best judgment.
  8. To secure consistency in the evaluation process nominees will be asked to submit electronically the following materials:
    1. A current vita.
    2. While the award is intended to recognize all of one’s excellence in scholarship while at Western, supporting research and scholarship materials from the candidate shall be limited to no more than five years, but should include the last three.
    3. The candidate will solicit up to five letters of support. The letters should register the impact of the candidate’s research in his/her field and should reasonably represent the candidate’s department or field. Letters of support should be sent directly to the Dean’s office administering the award.
    4. The candidate will provide up to three pages describing aspects of his/her research and scholarship that may not be covered by the requested materials.
  9. Faculty on leave in the year of nomination may choose to defer the nomination to the following academic year.
  10. At the conclusion of the evaluation process, a nominee who was not selected to receive the award, may elect to retain eligibility for consideration for this award for a second year.


To continue the nomination process for this award, please click here.

Page Updated 11.22.2017