Carl H. Simpson Bridging Award

This award of $1,000* from an endowment made by the Simpson family is made annually to a student, staff or faculty member who has created bridges and forged new paths that others may follow and build upon in turn.  During his twenty-five years working at Western as a professor and administrator, Carl H. Simpson was a man dedicated to bridging intellectual, interpersonal and administrative worlds.  With kindness, enthusiasm and creativity, he sought to unite divisions within academia, faculty, staff, students and administrative campus life.  Carl helped people come together and facilitated creative process in a variety of settings.  He acknowledged people’s strengths and encouraged them to trust themselves, helping people find and give their best.

The Carl H. Simpson Bridging Award is intended to benefit a WWU student, staff or faculty member who has demonstrated a remarkable ability or innovative approach to bridging some aspect of academic or campus life, in this way bettering the Western community.  Some examples:  developing a new style of teaching to improve the quality of education; developing interdisciplinary study or intercampus diplomacy; creating supportive service; or mentoring others.   (*Note: For each net $1,000 award check, the university makes additional contributions, including $440 for tax related deductibles plus $110 for benefits for a total cost of approximately $1,550.) 

The recipient of this award will be recognized at the President’s Opening Convocation event at the beginning of Fall quarter.

Students, faculty and staff members are eligible to receive the Carl H. Simpson Bridging Award.  Nominations by students, alumni, faculty and staff members are encouraged by December 1, 2017.

List of past Carl H. Simpson Bridging Award recipients

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