Professional Leave

For professional leave guidelines, please review the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Faculty Professional Leave Workshop - 2015

Faculty Professional Leave Workshop - 2014

Application Instructions

Professional leave applications and supplementary documentation must be submitted electronically (hard copies in binders should not be submitted).

Faculty members should submit all materials in PDF format. This may be accomplished by:

  • Completing the Application Form in Microsoft Word
  • Saving the completed application form as a PDF document (see technical tips below).
  • Submitting any additional supporting documents in PDF format, preferably as one file.

Technical Tips

  • Once application form is completely filled out, in Microsoft Word, select "File Save as", then use drop-down menu to select PDF.
  • Scanners/Copier Scanners will create a PDF file for you. These may be found in many campus departments or computer labs. Scanning all your documents together, including the application form, will create one seamless PDF file.
  • Campus computer labs that include Adobe Acrobat software for creating and merging PDF documents may be found here.
  • There are many free PDF software products that can be downloaded to home computers.
  • Technical support and assistance is available from the ATUS Helpdesk and Student Technology Center.
  • Please do not embed PDF files within the Word document itself (as we did in the past). Mac users are unable to view these files.
  • Files up to 25MB can be attached to Outlook emails.



Please contact your college Dean's Office for individual college time lines.

Applications are due from the Dean to the Provost by November 15.

Notification letters will be sent from from the Provost to faculty applicants by January 31.


Approval of professional leave quarters does not include funding for travel proposed in the application.  Funding for travel during the professional leave period is subject to established department and/or college policy related to professional travel, the same as during periods of regular faculty service.

For more information:

Please contact your dean's office staff with questions about the electronic application process. Please contact Austin Cooper (x3915) or Bev Jones (x3345) in the Provost’s Office for general information about faculty professional leaves.


Page Updated 06.18.2015