Key Collaborative Directions from Academic Affairs 2010-11

Coastal Resources and Environment (CREW): Steve Sulkin

  • CREW (Coastal Resources and Ecology of Washington) will combine existing WWU expertise and facilities with new resources to address environmental, ecological and economic issues related to aquatic coastal environments, including a focus on the living resources that inhabit them.
  • CREW will create and disseminate the baseline of knowledge needed to document the existing status of the region’s aquatic coastal resources that are of immense economic, aesthetic and cultural value to the State of Washington and in so doing establish the basis for assessing change due to natural phenomena or human activity.
  • Results of CREW’s activities will include developing a catalog of living resources and a better understanding of the dynamics of aquatic coastal systems that documents the biological, chemical and geological processes that influence water quality and system productivity.
  • CREW will develop a risk assessment component that will identify potential sources of impact on aquatic coastal resources from chronic and episodic events and that can determine their likely economic and social impacts.
  • CREW will include a prominent component that quantifies the economic value of aquatic coastal resources and the potential impact of their degradation.
  • All activities of CREW will involve research, undergraduate training, graduate education, consultation with stake-holders and public education.
  • CREW will serve as a resource for local, state and federal agencies; political entities charged with making decisions that can impact coastal habitats; the scientific community; students who will be trained as the next generation of environmental scientists; and the general public.
  • CREW will serve as a model for the ways in which WWU can extend the expertise and creativity of its faculty, staff and students beyond the campus to contribute to the well-being of the broader community.
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