Key Collaborative Directions from Academic Affairs 2010-11

Student Progress (bottlenecks, curricular changes): Steve VanderStaay and Bill Lyne
  • Waitlisting has provided new assessment data regarding course access and demand that has allowed us to better serve students, making evidence-based decisions regarding resource allocations to reduce bottlenecks and speed time to degree.
  • We have better assessment data regarding course demand. Specifically:
    • Wait-listing data provides Chairs, Deans and the Provost with simple data regarding courses where demand exceeds supply.
    • Wait-listing data has been combined with the Banner Sections Projection Report to help Chairs more accurately predict future course demand.
  • We have made resource decisions based on this data to open-up course access bottlenecks. Specifically:
    • Adding 12 additional sections in the sciences and languages this Fall, enrolling 403 additional students in courses they had been waiting for.
    • Scheduling similar expansions for Winter, Spring and for 2011-2012.
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